Our Vision

Biblicaster: Alpha & Omega (AAO) is one of the very first Bible characters NFT projects that consists of 10,000 pieces of digital art that are beautifully drawn by our team.

The Biblicaster AAO is being built to realize three key visions.


Community Building

Biblicaster AAO is striving to build a strong community. We would like to use our NFT project to be a platform that will benefit Christian community as a whole. We are open to bringing in Christian worship leaders, artists, musicians and other experts whom God has used powerfully, to use our platform to benefit our NFT holders. Digital Workshops will be organized in collaboration with Christian Worship Leaders, Artists, Musicians and experts in various fields from all over the world, to benefit our NFT holders.

On the other hand, we also believe that there will be many people in the Biblicaster AAO community who are gifted and have been sharpening their “axe” whom we know are short of audiences. In this community, NFT holders are allowed to bring their talents and gifts, and share it with the community. While others can give feedback to build one another in the environment of love, honor and godliness. Of course there will be rules to comply and supervision taking place to ensure that we honor one another in a godly environment.

Hence, we have determined to allocate 20% of secondary market royalties to be solely used for the Biblicaster community. This allocation will be utilized to support our NFT holders in their content creations and entrepreneurial initiatives. Connecting Christian worship leaders, artists, musicians, content creators and global Christian communities.

Responding to Kingdom’s Causes

When the idea of this project was being developed, our hearts were so intensely moved to use this project to support the three Kingdom’s causes. First, the financial need of the Christian orphanages that are truly effective in their ministry. Second, the remote persecuted churches that are on the rise.

While the financial aspect of the whole project is in alignment to support these two causes indirectly, we have vowed 15% of your direct purchase of our NFT will be given as financial aid to orphanages around the world and churches under persecution. We will work our way to make sure the channels used, all the way to the recipients are properly channeled. Therefore, please know that as you invest in our NFT, orphans and people in need are being taken care of. Brethren that are caught in the rising of faith persecution are being looked after.


Third, part of the profit will also be used to develop effective gospel centered short animations. At 90% of NFT pieces sold, we shall initiate the development of Biblicaster AAO short animation series. We believe quality animation is an amazing tool when it comes to preaching the gospel and effective in sparking conversations especially to the younger generations that will frequently patronize the digital world.

Financial Stewardship

No, we are not giving you lectures on how to steward your finances here. But we do believe strongly that NFT and cryptocurrencies are going to be adopted into the future of businesses and internet use. Therefore, we strive to create a faith-based investment option through this NFT project and believe that it will turn out fruitful for you.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Investment will always come at a risk. Please do your personal research before making your own financial decision.